The story of a photographer

My name is Analee, photographer and owner of Analee Christine Photography. I love big families, crazy yet totally adorable kids, laughing, being around and meeting new people, country music, creating, reading, and games. I am blanket, Cheez-it, and baby obsessed and am totally unashamed of these facts. My motto is “adventure is out there” because I love to travel, the outdoors, adventures, and trying new things.

I am a Utah-based Professional Children, Babies, and Family Photographer. From tiny fingers and toes to watching them grow, I love to tell your stories and capture memories in an authentic way that will last forever. 

Several years ago my brother was in a car accident that probably should have killed if not at least seriously injured him. By some miracle, he walked away with only a few scratches. It was in that moment when I realized my purpose and motivation as a photographer: "Life is short, so capture the moments. They are the essence of life."

To capture the moments we always want to remember, I strive to make you feel comfortable and natural by being myself, encouraging laughter, fostering confidence, and showing sincere interest in your lives. The atmosphere becomes light, real, and emotional, resulting in stunning photos that will last beyond the reach of time.

My life has been quite the journey. In many ways, it's been pretty typical. My family moved across the country a few times growing up, I served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and graduated with a Bachelor's degree. I learned that I have PCOS during my last semester of college and around that time, I also experienced a devastating divorce after barely a year of marriage.

Now, I am married to the love of my eternity. My husband and I met on a dating app called Mutual. We met up, dated, got engaged, and married all in less than two months. Soon after we were pleasantly surprised with a pregnancy. We now have a sweet angel in heaven and two more children, a girl and boy.

Our lives are beautiful and should be lived. “Adventure is out there”, so let’s capture the moments and adventures I call life in a timeless fashion you will never be able to forget.

Edited by me, Captured by Ash Bridgewater Photography